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Presentation Management System

Our Presentation Management System is about more than just managing presentations – it’s about providing the speakers a full-service presentation experience. In advance of the event, speakers can upload their presentations and media to a secure website which is linked through the client’s site. Once uploaded, our technicians will validate that the presentations have been downloaded properly and they will check to see if the presentations will run correctly on the event's specific combination of software and hardware. At the event, PRG technicians are on-hand to help presenters review and modify their presentations. They can also demonstrate to the presenters in regards to what to expect while presenting as well as answer any questions.

PRG has gone to great lengths to ensure that the system looks seamless to the presenter. For example, the Login screens and Presentation screens are similar and intuitive; the PRG Presentation Management System will be branded with the client logo; and we will provide any requested survey functions as well as any reporting functions. Because this system has been created by PRG, it can be modified based on customer feedback and needs. Whether it is setting up multiple levels of permission or having administrative function built in, PRG will customize to your needs.

Mobile Agenda

The PRG Conference Mobile Agenda was created with the focus on the attendees. The goal is to make a simple user interface that would allow attendees to have the information that they need at their fingertips. The mobile agenda is posted and available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This allows the attendees to know that the app is provided from a trusted source. It also allows for unlimited downloads at no additional cost. After the event, PRG is able to provide important analytics that can help you plan for the next event.

Digital Signage / Social Media

As part of our PRG Presentation Suite application, we also offer a Digital Signage System for your meetings and events. PRG’s Proprietary Digital Signage System is designed in coordination with our Presentation Management System. This provides the flexibility in message delivery in which monitors will be displaying your information to the attendees throughout your chosen venue. Our Digital Signage System delivers critical information at the right time to the right location, and the messages can easily be customizable for different audiences while creating sponsorship opportunities for the association. PRG can also provide several base templates or work with the client to create a custom design for the system. Likewise, PRG will assign a team to work with the client in implementing a successful Digital Signage System throughout the event.

Popular additions for conferences are social media walls; whereas, monitors are placed around the venue to allow attendee interaction throughout the event. Different modules can also be included to focus on what your attendees want to see, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Audience Response.

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